Convicing a movie investor

Step 1: Download the Proposal Template below. It contains a proposal overview, and is also a template you can use to write your own proposal. You can also refer to the 3.1 Lecture for additional guidance.

Step 2: Use the research you conducted in Week 2. Don’t forget to include the research you compiled as it can be very effective in trying to persuade an investor. Although you won’t have to cite your sources (as in a formal college paper), you will want to use terms like As the research demonstrates or Findings indicate that…or Statistics I have gathered show that…. It’s all about credibility and preparedness. Research can go into the Background and Purpose section and/or the Proposed Plan of Action section. Avoid citing research in the introduction.

Step 3: Proofread and post. Be sure your work is free of errors. Proofread carefully. Then post your completed discussion post to the 3.3 Proposal Draft discussion board. Do not post an attachment. Attachments will not be accepted. All text should be on the board.

Week 2 Information

Mr. Peter Livingston, CEO of Lifesquare and filmmaker. He started investing in 2011 (Peter Livingston, 2020) Has invested in over 153 ventures and 200 Sundance films indirectly by investing in the company that owns them he invested in the film. So I believe he knows what I take to make a film and what the public wants to see that how he continues to make a profit from his investments,