Congress and The Presidency

Final Paper. Expected to write a four-page double-spaced paper on the roles and relationship between Congress and the President outlined in the Constitution. The paper should clearly delineate the constitutional powers/roles of the executive and legislative branches. Secondly, the paper should address the relationship between the executive and the House of Representatives and the relationship between the U.S. Senate and executive branch.BE SURE TO READ THE CHAPTERS ON CONGRESS and THE PRESIDENCY prior to writing your paper. The final paper should consist of at least four full pages, but no more than five, excluding the cover sheet and bibliography page. Your paper should be typewritten in Microsoft word, doubled-spaced, include one-inch margins, a 12-point (Times New Roman) font, parenthetical citations and a title page and bibliography page. You may use either MLA or APSA style formatsearch Google for the specifics regarding these style formats.