Computer networking


Congratulations! You have recently been promoted to coordinate the design and installation of a new network at your company’s branch offices in Cleveland. The manager at this location (Kim) is a hands-on type of person, but possesses little technical knowledge of data communications. Kim has requested that you keep her updated along each step of the network’s design and configuration process. She has also requested that you explain each of the available options, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each decision that you have made.

Your role:

After reviewing Chapters 2 and 7, provide Kim with a two-page detailed report on how you plan to start this project, and a complete explanation of the options available for WAN and Teleworker connectivity. Also, be sure to explain the basis of the branch office network and teleworker connectivity design in terms of the two models discussed in Chapter 1. While Kim is a marketing genius, keep in mind that she is not a tech-savvy person. Be sure to explain this very clearly so Kim is not frustrated and lost during the first phase of this project.

Key Players:

Ken Rogers
Corporate manager of the Pittsburgh
Ken Rogers is the corporate manager of the Pittsburgh, PA office. Ken has control over the new Cleveland branch office on a corporate level. Even though Kim is the branch manager of the Pittsburgh office, she has to get final approval on all designs (especially in the area of technology) and purchases from Ken.

Kim Brown
Branch manager for the new Cleveland office
Kim Brown is the branch manager for the new Cleveland office and oversees all the designs (especially in the area of technology) and purchases for it. Even though Ken Rogers gets the final approval for them, Kim is the person who everyone involved with the project either reports to or communicates with for answers. She is excited about her new position, but realizes that her technology knowledge is not up-to-par. In these cases, Kim relies on you, the network administrator from the corporate office, and your assistant network administrator, James Mitchell, in this process. Overall, this step consists of choosing what needs to be purchased for this WAN project, but what needs to be done must be interpreted to Kim at her technical level.
Cindy Won
Corporate Procurement Manager
Cindy Won, the corporate procurement manager, and her assistants are in charge of purchasing the major components for the organization. In this case, Cindy and her staff will be in charge of purchasing all technical software and hardware components for the new WAN located in the Cleveland branch office.
James Mitchell
Assistant Network Adminstrator
James Mitchell is the assistant network administrator and works with you, the network administrator, out of the corporate office located in Pittsburgh. You and James will be working on the design of the new WAN infrastructure located in the Cleveland branch office. Duties also require you and James to help with the technical purchases of the WAN network. Purchases can include routers, switches, servers, and software.

Consult the You Decide item under Week 1.

Now that you have been introduced to various methods of interconnecting remote locations, we must decide on a technology and identify the devices and media that will be necessary for communication with our headquarters in Pittsburgh. Remember that you are dealing with the communication devices for the new branch office located in Cleveland.

Keep in mind that there is no single correct answer for this exercise. It is very important to justify any recommendations that you make. In addition to accomplishing this weeks design objective, your secondary goal is to demonstrate your comprehension of this weeks topics.

Your report should be formatted, and references should be cited using APA style. More information about APA can be found here (Links to an external site.).

Submit your assignment.

Review the Chapters 2 and 7 Check Your Understanding questions and Key Terms at the beginning of the chapter. You do not have to submit your review! However, this information may be pertinent to the upcoming quizzes and Final Exam.