Composition: Is there a typical week for you and your parents? English to Spanish Conversion.

You will investigate whether there is such as thing as a “typical” week for me and my parents. You will write all of the information I have provided in the files in BASIC Spanish. It must be very basic Spanish. You must make the 1st and 3rd paragraphs from scratch, I have provided the schedule information for Paragraph 2. It must be this layout of 3 paragraphs:
Prrafo 1: Introduccin. Speculate on whether there’s a typical week for you and your parents.
Prrafo 2: Present the information from the chart. First describe your activities (in the yo-form). Then describe the activities of the compaeros you interviewed (in the l / ella-form). Don’t forget to introduce them: what their relationship is to you y cmo se llaman.
Prrafo 3: Conclusin breve, affirming or negating the idea of a “typical” week you brought up in prrafo 1.