Comparing the deaf culture to my culture which is Hijab culture.

For this assignment, you will use your previous paper on your culture and the information you have learned about Deaf culture to compare and contrast the two. This paper is an academic paper, so should include an introduction, body/content, and a conclusion.

In the paper, you should have the following:

Describe both cultures in detail, including
The history of each cultural group
Contemporary issues experienced by each cultural group
Your personal connection to your identified culture
Identify how both cultures meet the definition of a culture provided in the first module
Describe the aspects of each culture including:
Compare and contrast your personal culture with Deaf culture including
Shared traits and similarities
Differences between the two cultures
Papers should be a minimum of 3 pages in length (maximum of 5 pages), double-spaced with 1 inch margins using 12pt Times New Roman font. Students should NOT include your name, course, instructor name, heading or anything else (Canvas uploaded the paper under your student profile so I will know who wrote the paper.) This will allow you to write 3-5 full, content pages.

Research sources MUST be cited properly, both parenthetically and on a reference page (reference page is not included in the page count). You must use APA for your citations.

When you write statements in your paper, you must support your statements. For example, if you say My culture values family connections. you must provide support and evidence for this statement. How does the culture value family connection? How is it demonstrated within the culture? Give an example to support your assertion.

This is an academic paper therefore you should use proper writing conventions (spelling, grammar, consistent tense, etc) in it. You should avoid overly casual language in the paper.