Compare and Contrast the Affordable care act with Obama care

Each student will be responsible for a paper that compares and contrast the Affordable Care Act of
2010 (ACA) with one of the replacement proposals of your choice from at and come up with your
own conclusions based on the evidence about which healthcare reform is best fit for the United
States. It should not be merely a recitation of interesting facts, but a short research paper. You are to
objectively analyze the following aspects:
Overall approach
Womens health
State Role
And 2 others of your choice from the list on that website

The required length of the paper itself is 5-8 pages of text, plus the title page and references. All
papers must include at least six (6) different, referenced and acceptable sources other than
assigned readings for this class. Internet sources that include information other than webavailable journals are NOT acceptable for this assignment as part of the six (6) sources

Topics of paper
Introduction of the ACA and replacement proposal;
Problems addressed by the replacement proposal; Problem(s) solved by the proposal and to
which populations.
Compare and Contrast of ACA points: Clear summarization of how they are similar and
Supporting views for ACA: Summarization of authors who support proposal points and why.
Views who are against ACA: Summarization of authors who are not supportive of proposal
and why.
Conclusion Your conclusion of and why you do/do not agree with them.