Code of Ethics Final

Your director has asked you to create a white paper for dissemination to all supervising counselors. This paper is to address the following 2 different purposes:

To provide all supervising counselors with a full knowledge relating to the potential consequences of multiple relationships.
To detail appropriate policies for dealing with multiple relationships
To complete this paper of 1,000 words minimum, you must do the following:

Utilize the CTU Online library for your research on this assignment.
Be sure to cite all references in APA style format.
Describe the different types of multiple/dual relationships that can be engaged in by chemical dependency counselors.
Describe the negative effects that can stem from a multiple/dual relationship to the client, counselor, supervising counselor, and/or agency.
Describe the types of discipline common for certain types of dual/multiple relationships.
Describe the relationship between malpractice lawsuits and multiple/dual relationships.
The final section of your paper should contain your proposal for dealing with multiple relationships between counselors and clients, between counselors and former clients, between counselors and family members of clients or former clients, and between supervising counselors and supervisees.

Analyze boundary issues between client/counselor and the means to address different types of alleged ethical violations, and the consequences of violating a code of ethics
Identify clinical supervision issues