Choose one of the questions below, and write an argumentative essay on David Woods Moral Injury.

DIRECTIONS: Choose one of the questions below, and write an argumentative essay on David Woods Moral Injury. When you write an argumentative essay, you take a stand on a debatable issue; at the heart of every argument is a claim or thesis with which people may reasonably disagree. You are not to assume that your audience already agrees with you; instead, you are to expect the reader to be skeptical of your point of view. Your goal is to try to convince the reader to change his/her mind on the given topic.

You are to focus on textual support (explain the meaning of specific passages, dialogue, character motivations, character interaction with others, etc.) from the various materials we have read, seen, and heard about moral injury and PTSD to make your argument. you will be evaluated on how well you present a thesis and support it with close analysis. I am calling for thoughtfulness and expression. Take your time, and explain your thought process.

1) Inform the general public what they should know about moral injury. As part of your explanation, you should distinguish between moral injury from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). What role does the public share in the moral injuries of soldiers?
2) Some military leaders believe that they can prepare soldiers/officers to handle morally questionable situations, and hence they believe that at the very least they possibly can curb moral injury among their military personnel. Do you agree that such a preemptive approach is possible?

Only pick one of the two questions above.

Please read the moral injury and focus on some sentences as evidence to support your ideas. please read three parts of moral injury, please. here is the link Also, you can check the presentations I provided to get some better ideas about moral injury and the difference from the PTSD.

There is also some link about some moral injury stuffs which are recommended to add in the easy. I would like you to take a look on them. The video speech is kind of important and also the government army moral code.
) “Moral Injury” Veterans Affairs

2) Syracuse University, The Moral Injury Project

3) Dr Jonathan Shay Interview Part 1 (Moral Wounds of War)

4) continued, Dr Jonathan Shay Interview Part 2 (Moral Wounds of War)

5) army values)

Please find some concrete sentences to support from these materials. And I will send you the part three presentations in the following days. Please just use the simple words to express the ideas.