Chinese revolution

1. At least one reference to Zarrow. (10)
2. References to at least three articles from ProQuest.( 0)
3. References to at least one assigned primary source document.( 0)
4. A clearly articulated historical question.( 10)
5. A thesis statement that answers question you intend to address. (4) You pose a worthwhile question, but you do not present a coherent thesis.
6. Evidence based on analysis and interpretation of primary source documents.( 0) The essay makes no reference to primary sources.
7. A title that effectively captures your main argument.(6) The title is purely descriptive.
8. Coherent organization. (10)
9. Correct grammar, writing style, and citations. (7 )The citation format is totally incorrect.
10. Accurate temporal, spatial, and factual detail. (5 )The essay is full of inaccuracies.
Grade: 52/100