Chilidish Gambino “This is America” – portrayal of Race and gun violence

This is what the instructor told us about the research essay.
Your research essay will be 6 8 pages not including the works cited page. You will need six reliable sources for your essay, which you must use somewhere in the body of your essay, and which must be properly cited using in-text citations. All of these citations must appear in your Works Cited page. Remember, research essays that do NOT include a Works Cited page, or do not make use of ALL of the sources in the Works Cited page somewhere in the essay, as indicated by in-text citations WILL receive a zero. Additionally, failure to use quotation marks or to indicate sources for claims, facts, or ideas will also result in an automatic zero. NO EXCUSES!
Right now I only have 3 sources, two of them are PDF files and the other one is a website link ( All the sources have to be from Google scholar since I’ve already gotten 3 of them the other 3 also has to be from Google Scholar. And the instructor also wants the works cited to be on a new page.