Child Molestation

Complete a literature review on a sexual disorder, a sexual dysfunction or any topic related to Human Sexuality. For example, you may be interested in researching Voyeurism, Pedophilia, Exhibitionism, Erectile Dysfunction, Ectopic pregnancy etc You are free to choose the topic of interest

The literature review paper should be between 8-10 pages long; double spaced and that includes the title and the reference pages.
1. Pose your question of interest/Indicate the significance behind the chosen topic: Why did you choose that topic?
2. Discuss a case study of the chosen topic (20 points)

3. Discuss general findings: define the topic, indicate how prevalent it is, what is the contributing factor (is it a medical condition or a psychological one?), symptoms, causes, treatments, prevention etc

4. Discuss 1 scientific study that has generated knowledge about your chosen topic. Discuss what was tested in the study, how the study was conducted, the subject population of the study, the findings that were generated etc