Child Development

A childs SocialEmotional development is an important part of guidance. Discuss how to best develop at home and school affective, physical and verbal guidance techniques that will support a childs learning of academic and social skills. Apply at least three of these factors into your essay.
Development stages
The need to feel safe and secure
Positive role models and that influence
Modeling behaviors
Stimulating physical environment
Establishing strong connections to the child.
Support your idea by including at least one theorist that supports your ideas. Finally, develop a conclusion that pulls together your ideas into a strong statement of your beliefs.
Two references were used; websites are acceptable. You MUST use in-text citations to link the reference to your ideas within the paper.
Paper was well organized and easy to follow. Paper was at least 1000 words, not including cover page, abstract, or references.
Make sure your paper has the following:
Running head
Cover page
Paper body uses correct font and size, aligned to the left
In-text citations are used to link your ideas to the references
Reference page
and overall formatting were in the American Psychological Association format.