Changing Roles of Parents.

Step 1: Review the following chart, which provides a quick review of the three main parenting styles:

Permissive Parents Low control; Ambivalent responsiveness Makes few demands; submits to the wishes of children
Authoritarian Parents High control; Low responsiveness Dictates rules; expects obedience
Authoritative Parents High control; High responsiveness Sets and enforces fair and reasonable rules; discusses reasoning for rules with children
Step 2: Next, please watch the following Ted Talk: Changing Roles of Parents.

Step 3: The purpose of this discussion is first to reflect on the parenting style(s) of your caregiver(s), thinking through the effects the style(s) had on your own development. Though you do not submit this information to the discussion forum, thinking through the style(s) of your own caregiver(s) is often a relevant first step. After the self-reflection, please compose and post your answers to the following questions:

Describe the style of parenting you most value and explain why. In your description and explanation, integrate relevant content based on the assigned readings.
Go to SPC’s online library, Monitor on Psychology, or another credible source to search for and select at least one article that describes the parenting style you most value, including strategies on how to implement that parenting style. Summarize the article, using APA style for in-text citations, and include at least *three* relevant strategies on how to implement the parenting style you most value.
Based on the research presented in the assigned readings, explain the effects on children from the parenting style you most value. If you include additional research, use APA style for your in-text citations.
Create a reference page titled References. Use APA style for your citations.