Catholic Charities

Thesis/argument that appears in the introductory paragraph, the
thesis/argument then being proved during the course of the paper
b. Times New Roman font
c. Double-spaced
d. One-inch margins on all sides
e. Spell-checked AND proofread (it is recommended that the student seek out
someone from the Writing Center)
f. Source citations must include the authors last name, and the page-
number(s) of the source from which the citation comes; this is required for
both a direct quote and a summary of the arguments of the author(s)
g. Block quotes, single-space when a quotation is five or more lines long; no
quotation marks, and indented inch on both sides
h. Introduces all quotations with either a comma or a colon, because a
quotation cannot stand alone
i. A properly formatted sources citation page that has: