This paper needs to mimic the attached file exactly. In addition the following situation needs to be incorporated and the used as the basis of the paper: CO(patient is represented as CO) reports to the emergency department by the ambulance after being in a traumatic car accident. This car accident dealt with a drunk driver to crashed into CO forcing COs car to spin off the road and flipping upside down. CO was driving alone on his way home after a long stressful day of work as a police officer. When CO reported to the emergency department he was completely unconscious with multiple injuries. These injuries included a right sided head laceration, broken right arm, huge chunk of glass stuck in his left leg and other minor cuts. CO has no past medical history. CO has no known allergies. During his stay not only does CO suffer from depression, but he also had a severe infection in his left leg which led to leg amputation. This infection was manifested while at being in the hospital also known as a hospital acquired infection.
Lab test that were done on this patient needs to be included, medications that the patient were prescribed need to be included and any other treatments needs to be included. Details from intake to discharge.