BUPA company.

In the UK context and carry out an analysis

You must focus your case in the UK context and carry out an analysis of the marketing environment
including PESLE and Five Forces Analysis for the chosen company. Using your knowledge of Operations
theory, you should then explain how the companys meets its commercial challenges.
From understanding the companys marketing and operational environment in the UK you are required to produce a written report to evaluate the effectiveness of the companys marketing and operations
practice. You are also expected to provide recommendations where possible to help the company
improve their marketing mix and performance. The aim of the report is to be an advisory resource for the business.

Eight sections to be completed, as follows:
Section 1: Introduction – 200 words maximum introduce the company the report is written for, identify
the country and industry, and outline the purpose of the report;
Section 2: Macroenvironmental Analysis max 500 words apply PESTLE Analysis theory;
Section 3: Microenvironmental Analysis max 300 words apply Five Forces Analysis theory;
SWOT analysis table Summary of Macro and Micro environmental Analysis
Section 4: Operations Practice max 400 words apply the 4 Vs Theory and consider how the chosencompany maintains efficiency, effectiveness and economy in its operations – max 400 words
Section 5: Evaluation of Marketing Practice max 200 words critically analyse and evaluate how
effective the companys operations has been, using specific and relevant data as supporting evidence;
Section 6: Recommendations max 200 words provide specific suggestions for the company to
improve their marketing and operations to respond to any changes in the marketing environment as
analysed in Section 2, 3 and 4;
Section 7: Conclusion max 200 words
Section 8: Reference list (not included in the word count)