borderline Personality Disorder

This assignment was designed to get you to put yourself in the shoes of a person experiencing a psychological disorder. Think of this paper as essentially 4 paragraphs.

paragraph1: PRIOR KNOWLEDGE- share what you already know, believe or guess to be true regarding your specific disorder and explain where this information or your impressions most likely come from.

paragraph 2: RESEARCH: research the disorder, using the most current Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Clearly note all diagnostic criteria from the DSM-5 in your own words and share at least 5 interesting facts you found in your research.

paragraph 3: NARRATIVE: Create a fictionalized story about YOUR daily life, imagining how it might be different if you had this disorder. Write your narrative like a journal entry. start this section with I woke up this morning and then follow with a story.

Paragraph4: REFLECTION- Look back over your Prior Knowledge section then reflect on how your thinking, feelings, behaviors, and attitudes have changed. Share any new insights you may have gained through researching your topic and working on this assignment.