Bird brains: Can parrots match corvid cognitive performance?

This is for an introduction for my dissertation on avian cognition. It will need some background into the field, for which I have already done some research and can provide around 30 sources I would like to be included/discussed. My research is in the field of avian intelligence. Much of the existing research has been done using corvids. I have used an adapted method to test 4 species of parrots to see if they are capable of similar problem solving. The birds were provided a box with a treat inside and 2 ways of retrieving the treat: opening a door or pulling a string. I have attached a paper that I modeled my experiment off titled:
Flexibility in Problem Solving and Tool Use of Kea and New Caledonian Crows in a Multi Access Box Paradigm
I removed the element of tool use in the other 2 methods described as not all of the species I used are tool users and I wanted a simplified version of the experiment that the birds should be able to complete.

I have also attached 2 papers that provide a nice background into the field which may help provide a structure for what I’d like my paper to look like.

The 4 species I have used in my study are:
Green winged macaw

The following is what I have been provided for what is expected of my introduction section of my report.
Orientates the reader, explains why the work was done and its context in the literature. Describes previous relevant literature, justifies why the methods were chosen, why the experimental organisms (or system) were chosen and indicates the central hypothesis behind the research.
Does it provide all the relevant background information?
Are all relevant references cited?
Is it of the correct depthfor the readership?
Have you explained why you investigated the problem?
Have the aims of the study been defined?
Have all relevant technical terms been explained?
Have you justified your methodological approach?
Is it clear what you are testing/what your hypothesis is?