Biography – Motivational Theory

you are required to write a motivation autobiography. In it, you should identify: (a) who you are today and who/what have been the major motivational influences (both positive and negative) in your life to this point; (b) where you would like to go (areas in your life you would like to change and/or improve); and (c) how you will accomplish these goals (citing specific strategies to accomplish these changes). Note that part (a) is the major part of the assignment and should comprise 80-90% of the text and demonstrate that you appreciate the powerful role that motivation has had, does have, and will have in your life. This assignment will be overwhelming if you wait until the last two weeks of the semester to start it. It will be much easier to assemble your thoughts if you have made connections between your life and course material throughout the entire semester. Thus, it is recommended that you keep a page in your notebook to jot down ideas throughout the semester. This way, when you do write your motivation autobiography, you will have a list of topics from which to choose.

Requirements include the following: (a) you should cite at least five research articles (from class reading, lecture, or outside reading you have done on motivation topics) to support your experiences and/or goals for the future (citing more certainly wont hurt); and (b) the length of your autobiography is up to you but we expect that the motivational story of your life would be very difficult to tell in fewer than 10 pages. (Reminder: for undergraduate credit 10-15 pages, and for graduate credit 15-20 pages). In sum, this is essentially the story of your life from a motivational perspective. If it is just an autobiography or just a review of motivational theories, this is not sufficient. It should be a review of your major life events, motivators, etc., which is integrated with motivational topics we have covered this semester. We have left this assignment open-ended so that you have room to tell your story in a creative way.

And I want to see outlines & drafts before final paper