biochem-Unit 2 Case Connections – Video Presentation

For the Unit 2 Case Connections assignment, you will address two of the four case connection problems in an original 10-minute video presentation.

To earn full credit, you will need to describe why your chosen answer is correct while also discussing why the other answers are incorrect. Your presentation will be graded on your logic and accuracy as well as on the clarity and organization of the overall assignment.

Create a script for your presentation. You will submit your script along with your video presentation.
References in AMA format are also required. You may utilize any resources you like as you discuss your solution and methods, but you should include a reference page at the end of your script.
This assignment is submitted through SafeAssign which is a plagiarism prevention tool that allows your instructor to check the originality of a homework submission. If your submission is has a SafeAssign score of >50% your instructor may request that you resubmit your assignment or justify this level of percent overlap. Scores of >50% raise concern over academic integrity.
Record your presentation as a video using a free screencast application such as Screencast-o-matic.
Required: You must begin your video by showing yourself full-screen, looking directly into the camera, and clearly stating your full name while holding up a piece of paper on which your full name and the date are clearly written in bold writing. If you fail to do so, the assignment will not be graded. You will have to submit it again prior to your course end date.