Basic Modeling Through Solver

You are the owner of a small business that manages the program, food, and merchandise sales at the Excel Center, where the local professional basketball team plays. In addition to basketball games, the Excel Center hosts dozens of event a year. Your company handles all sales made inside the arena. There are three major products that you sell: programs, food, and merchandise. You have decided to build a spreadsheet model to help you analyze and project the profitability of future events. The ‘Event Profit’ worksheet contains this model. You have randomly selected sales and attendance data from a number of past events to help build your model. This data can be found on the on the ‘Past Events’ worksheet. You will complete statistics on this model to obtain appropriate values for the inputs for the model. Complete the tasks to finish the model. Whenever possible, reference cells rather than ‘hard-coding’ values in the cells of your spreadsheet.