ASL Children Storybook Stories

You will receive this signed story by the Deaf community regarding a childrens storybook.

You will analyze the story for details used in ASL, how those may represent the story, discuss visual vernacular elements, and how this type of signing is different from daily conversations in ASL.

Not only that, you will also discuss how ASL elements can be used to show understanding of English concepts.

You will need 3-5 sources to support your analysis including your textbooks. (Thats two right there).

The research paper also should have some glossing examples in where you discuss a certain passage of the story. When applicable any references to the story should be in gloss. You can cite passages of the story, discuss comparisons, and more. The gloss will count toward your final word count.

Discuss parts that made you curious – as how that page’s english sentence set up the ASL part being signed by Justin.

What details are being used by the signer to represent the page’s pictures. What kind of signs did he use to show pictures on the page – characterization? classifiers? face expressions? role shift?

Show how different the languages are through examples of reading the sentence (english), and the page’s images (illustrations) vs. ASL’s storytelling.

Show HOW ASL supports the comprehension of english sentences being shown. (Think about Interdependence Theory)

For this paper, please follow the format requirements below:

Please use 12-point font in those styles only: Times New Roman or Helvetica

Double spaced and normal margins, along with align left. Please do not use justification or any other when you format your paper.

The paper should have a separate reference page, and a cover page with word count on it. The word count should be between 500 to 1,000 words. Aim for conciseness and clarity over repetitive information. If you happen to go over 1,000 words – you will not be penalized for that.