Asian History

Please make sure you proofread and polish your writing meticulously to avoid any possible typos, grammatical errors, sentence structure issues, and any other relevant mistakes that may influence your grade. The marking scheme is (out of 100):
1. Thesis and presentation: The way you effectively articulate your idea. You must present a clear thesis statement, and write as concise, clear, and succinct as you can. 30/100
2. Structure: Since these are essay assignments, you will have to present a clear structure with an introduction, body sections, and a conclusion. Thesis of course, must be clearly presented at the end of the introduction. 20/100
3. Prose: Including grammar, sentence structure, and other stylistic factors. The quality of your writing will be taken into consideration. 25/100
4. Citations: No formal citations required, but you must point out where you have acquired the information that supports your arguments. As I made it clear, NO external sources shall be included. Please consult only course materials and indicate the page number of the textbook and course readings, weekly lecture slides, and primary documents. You can include the information within a bracket. For example, if you will cite a textbook page, put it like (Murphey, A History of Asia, 7th edition, p. 155-156). Make sure you include the edition information, as there are discrepancies between the 7th and 8th editions). Do not copy and paste passages from the textbook. Paraphrase everything in your own words. Otherwise, it would be considered as plagiarism! 25/100
Thematic paperthe question below are based on the general themes of the course. Choose one of them only! Please review your knowledge over the term and draw evidence from different sources. Read the questions carefully before you start writing.
1. Other than Asias relationship with the rest of the world, we have also discussed how different parts of the continent had related to each other culturally, religiously, economically, and politically. Please identify two or three Asian civilizations and specify the ways in which they have influenced surrounding regions. What are the major similarities or differences between the selected civilization? Use different sources covered by the course to justify your answer. The length of the paper, including citations, should be between 750 and 1000 words.