Art History Comparison

For your final paper, Select two of the following artworks and write an Essay that Compares and Contrasts the two objects.

Pablo Picasso- Guernica- pg. 545
Robert Rauschenberg- Monogram- pg. 123
Auguste Rodin- The Kiss- pg. 414
Frida Kahlo- Las Dos Fridas- pg. 579
Romare Bearden-The Dove- pg. 119
Artemisia Gentileschi-Judith Decapitating Holofernes- pg. 139
Eugene Delacroix- Liberty Leading the People- pg. 405
Vincent van Gogh- Starry Night- pg. 417
Gustav Courbet- Stone Breakers- pg. 409
Edouard Manet- Olympia- pg. 561
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres- Grand Odalisque- pg. 157
Michelangelo- The Last Judgment- pg. 381
Mary Cassatt- The Childs Bath- pg. 345
Andrew Wyeth- Christinas World- pg. 182
Robert Smithson- Spiral Getty- pg. 268
Richard Serra- Tilted Arc- pg. 467

Once you have chosen a pair of works that appeal to you, research individually and write a brief analysis of each. Things to include:
Identify the artist and some brief biographical information. (A small paragraph at the most! DO NOT WRITE A BIOGRAPHY OF THE ARTISTS!!!!!!!!
Identify the medium, the material used to create the work.
Describe the work including subject, form, and content, (form + subject = content). Content is the meaning of the work.
Identify and explain the historical style of the work. This can be done in your research (example: 1897, France, Claude Monet = Impressionism)

In the final section and the most important part of your paper will be to compare and contrast the two artworks. Do this by pointing out similarities, differences and sharing any personal ideas you may have. Your opinions and feelings should be supported with facts and research. In describing the art pieces, be sure to address the use of Art Elements and Principles. By now you should be able to identify and discuss Art Elements and Principles in a formal manner. If you need to review the definitions, you can review earlier chapters in your book, GATEWAYS TO ART

If you have questions, please email me early in the process. I can help you much more effectively if you contact me sooner rather than later. Do not contact me a day before the paper is due and ask questions about what you are to turn in. Be responsible students and finish strong!

This essay should be 800- 2,200 words- if you dont reach the minimum word count I will take off 20 points from your essay grade!!! This is your final essay, (Basically a Final Exam) so be sure to write a strong essay!

If you use sources, (and you probably should) be sure to have a Works Cited Page! Even if you use the GATEWAYS TO ART textbook, be sure to properly cite it as a source.