Art Appreciation

Have to use thesis statement. I choose to write about “The Dutch Proverbs” in advance. Theres a lot of instructions. I had to pick the references in advance as well. The object of the paper is to describe the painting in detail using art vocabulary from the textbook. I can send files with Vocab and Instructions.

Aesthetics: a branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of beauty, art, and taste and with the creation and appreciation of beauty
Representational: Realistic Art
Abstract: Not Realistic
Trompe l’oeil: Realistic Image creates an optical illusion
Nonrepresentational: Looks like nothing. Spatter Paintings
Line (Implied & Actual): Implied lines are the ones the eye follows
Form: 3D, shading
Content: The meaning of a work of art
Subject Matter: What you literally see
Iconography: Our description of the art
Context: The time era of the art and how it influenced the art
Narrative: When art tells a story
Assemblage: Sculpture made out of weird stuff
Triptych: 3-piece, hinged art
Earthworks: Art with Earth
Mass: Volume of space
Positive Shape: Where the main part of the art is
Negative Space: Background space
Value: Light to darkness of hue
Chiaroscuro: STRONG contrasts from light to dark
Hatching: Shading with Lines // Stippling: Shading With Dots
Refraction: How a rainbow is created
Tint: EX pink to red
Saturation: The intensity of the color
Monochromatic: One colored art
Complementary Colors: Opposite one another
Analogous Harmonies: Basically a picture that uses half of the color wheel
Triadic Harmonies: Uses 3 different sides of the color wheel
Simultaneous Contrast: Complementary colors look brightest right next to each other
Isometric projection: 3 vanishing points
Optical Color Mixture: Blending colors with eyes
Pointillism: basically a picture of dots
Hue, subtractive art, additive art, neg/ positive composition, linear perspective, conter,