The paper should not cover everything that the architect ever did, but should instead focus aspects of their work and/ or philosophy that interests you. The purpose of this paper and research is to benefit you in some way. This paper requires a significant effort on your part so be inspired to write about an aspect of architecture which you desire to understand more fully.

Tip for Getting Started:
Architecture is far more interesting than buildings. Consider literature, stylistic movements, architectural philosophy and its impacts on world events, architectural education, etc…. You can also zero in on one specific detail of an architect’s life, era, or work that interests you and expand upon it. Find a topic involving the architect that is important to you and develop a guiding research question. While you can discuss major accomplishments and/or influences of this architect, , you dont need to limit yourself to buildings.

For example: If you like gardens, then research the gardens in and around the buildings; write about garden design during that project’s time period. Another example: If your architect designed furniture, your whole paper can be about his/her furniture design; write about the history of furniture design and how this architect fit into it.
OT reduce word count.