APN prescriptive practice In NJ

Felician UniversitySchool of NursingDepartment of Graduate NursingMSN ProgramNURS540MSEL Pharmacology and Prescriptive PracticeSummer 2020MSN ProgramOutcomes Assessment Plan AssignmentPrescriptive Practice Safety and Quality Assignment Guideline*The purpose of this assignment is to for the APN student to learn about the prescriptive practice requirements and laws in the state in which he or she lives and/or will practice and the impact of these regulations on practice safety and quality.Students are responsible for asking any questions about this assignment well before the due date.Turn It In is not required for this assignment.Students are responsible for assuring that the assignment has been properly submitted in the week 8 Drop Box by the due date for grading. Assignments may not be emailed, faxed, mailed or dropped off on campusThe assignment may be submitted before the due date. Late assignments without prior permission of the instructor or without the Honor Statement will be considered late and will lose 2 points per 24 hours.Assignments will be graded and returned to students within one week of due date.There is no minimum or maximum page length for this assignment. The assignment must be thorough, on topic and contain all information listed in the guidelines. Scholarly references must have been published within the required timeframe. Adherence to APA format 6th ed. is required.Students may not collaborate on this assignment*This assignment is a component of the Outcomes Assessment Plan. Students who receive less than a B (83%) are required to modify their assignment until a passing grade has been reached. The students original grade is the only one counted toward the final grade.Prescriptive Practice Safety and Quality Assignment Grading CriteriaTotalPossibleEarned Points
Points 20Requirements for APN prescriptive practice in your state.Include state where you live or will practice as an APN. (1 point)What regulatory body (ies) /organization(s) have authority overAPN practice in your state? (1 point)Discuss any/all requirements for APN prescribing authority, including basic and continuing education, physician collaboration and oversight, chart review and formularies. (3 points)Briefly discuss CDC guidelines for prescribing CDS for chronic non-cancer pain. (2 points)Include any and all state specific regulations for prescribing CDS including requirements for client education, pain contracts, refills, and medication disposal for CDS Schedules prescribed by APNs. (3 points)10Thoroughly discuss the implications of APN prescribing requirements on safety and quality of APN practice.5Demonstration of graduate level effort and writing skills including, appropriate spelling, punctuation, grammar, organization, clarity of thought and conformity to APA 6th ed.Paper must include:Title PageHonor StatementAbstractIn-text CitationsReferences **References must be the most recent regulationsfromregulatory organizations, DEA and CDC websites, and peer reviewed scholarly journals 2016-present.Please note consumer websites(those not directed at health care professionals orWikipedia are not considered scholarly and may not be used