Consider the following statement:
The language barrier was the most obvious problem, but not the most important. The
biggest problem was the cultural barrier. There was a tremendous difference between
dealing with the Hmong and dealing with anyone else. An infinite difference. (p. 69)
Provide context for this statement using any two of the following themes:
Family Organization and Residence Linguistic Discrimination
The American Periphery Gender Roles and Stratification
Religion and Worldview Immigration and Assimilation

Your essay is to be approximately 750 words (+/- 100 words).
You will be graded for the clarity of your writing (2 points), correct and effective use of the
concepts and supporting examples (5 points) and for the strength of your overall argument (3
points). [Total: 10 points]
To maximize points:
Edit and proofread. Grammatical, typographical, and spelling errors will
detract from your writing score.
Use what you have learned. This essay is your chance to demonstrate your
mastery of the course material. Identify the concept you are using, show that
you know what the concept means, and give strong examples to demonstrate it.
If you want full credit, you must make productive use of the Spirit book and
the course readings and videos to support your statements. Outside information,
regardless of the source, is considered secondary to the course materials and
will not help your grade.
I am not interested in unsubstantiated opinions, assumptions, and/or claims. I
will only award points for concrete use of arguments, concepts, and
terminology, that are backed up with examples.
Upon submission, your essay will be analyzed by anti-plagiarism software. Use
your own words as much as possible, make sure you submit your own work.