animals in the zoo versus in the wild

this paper will contrast two ideas (animals in the zoo versus the wild). not an argument paper just showing the differences. Minimum 5 pages plus works cited page do not go over 7. Using QUOTES FROM SOURCES. The hardest part of this paper is having a workable and correct thesis sentence. My thesis needs to tell my professor what I am investigating. a couple examples she gives for the way she wants thesis written. Here are a couple of examples :

If an American can recognize the differences between French and American cultures, such as the views toward sexuality, public life, and environmental development, then there will be a greater avenue for interaction.

The piston engine and rotary engine vary in terms of mileage, simplicity, and aftermarket support, all of which affect a persons desire to choose one over the other.

Comparing the differences between entry level experience requirements, pay and allowances, and the requirements of the occupation itself should be enough to help any young person decide between a career in the civilian work force and one with the military.

The practices of Buddhism and Islam differ in aspects of beliefs, practices, and traditions, which influence a person’s decision in choosing which practices to follow.