Anatomy used for Speech production of “Nope” when responding to the question “Do you like Ice Cream?”

Comprehensive essay: Describe the communication process that is involved when someone answers “Nope” to the question “Do you like ice cream?” You must discuss the anatomy and physiology for each system we discussed and how they all work together to produce a response to a question. Think about the overall process and do not just discuss the various processes independently. Be sure each idea relates to the production of “Nope” and each idea flows logically to the next idea. Think about what needs to happen first. Remember, just because we studied the respiratory system first in this course, does not mean it is the first step in the production of a response. Be sure to include any theories that we have discussed in class or in the book that would relate to /i/ (i.e., source-filter theory, myoelastic-aerodynamic theory, etc.). Be sure you include the cranial nerves and all the muscles that assist in actions.

Follow the attached rubric for grading; the content of the paper is weighted the most (60 pts), so be sure and be comprehensive. The essay must be written in APA format, with a cover page, abstract, reference page. The body of the paper should be a minimum of 9 pages.