Analyzing Slave Narratives

You must access the Slave Narratives in the Fayetteville State Universitys Chesnutt Library. These narratives are located in the Archives of the Library on the Third Floor. Ms. Nicole is the archivist you will work with. Choose a state narrative to specifically examine in order to develop a written document. After carefully reading all the narratives from your chosen state, you will then develop an Argument Essay (3-4 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font) related to one of the following entry points:

A. Conditions of the enslaved population in that state

B. Resistance tactics of the enslaved populations in that state

C. Attitudes of the slave-owning class in that state

D. The stability of slavery as an institution in that state

Your Argument Essay should be written in well developed paragraphs and you must support your inferences, interpretations, conclusions and discussions by citing specific information from the Slave Narratives themselves. This means you must use “footnotes” to in the text of your essay. In addition to the slave narratives, which are primary sources, you can supplement your argument by citing from your textbook, videos shown in the class (only those shown to the class), PowerPoint presentations and any other information within your CANVAS course. No material from “outside” of this course may be used in this assignment. If you do so, you will lose major points on this assignment. Follow the instructions.

You are expected to

Develop a good thesis argument claim (statement) for your essay
Utilize proper citations within the written document [Turabian/Chicago style]. That means FOOTNOTES.
Utilize critical analysis within the written document
Utilize proper mechanics: grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence and paragraph structure.