-Analyze options Yamoto can consider utilizing the criteria you identified above.

Assignment Instructions:
Your final assignment is a comprehensive case analysis based on the case, Yamato Transport: Part-time Employment of Housewives. You can download the case for this assignment from your Harvard Business course pack

Part 1: Use the Case Analysis Template document provided with this assignment to complete your analysis. Complete every section in the template, from Step 1: The Facts through Step 6: Implementation Plan, including the two questions related to risk.

Part 2: Once you complete your case analysis, you will write a paper that summarizes your analysis of the case. This will include your recommendations and an implementation plan for the option you choose.

The online for your paper should be:

Analysis of the Case (1-page limit)
-The facts of the case – who/what/why when
-The problem to be solved or decision to be made

In-Depth Analysis (2-3 page limit)
-Issues related to the case
–Describe the changes that occurred in the industry in the 2000s
–How did Yamato emerge as the industry leader?
–Identify the challenges Yamatos faced implementing the field cast model and whether it fits with their business strategy

Explanation of the Criteria to Evaluate Alternatives
-Identify 3-5 relevant criteria that should be considered in deciding among alternatives related to the key decision

Analysis of Options
-Analyze options Yamoto can consider utilizing the criteria you identified above.
-Options can be those proposed in the case or other options you think need to be considered.

Your Recommendation
-Provide a recommendation for which option you think Yamoto should execute and thoroughly explain why. How does this proposed solution address the business problem you identified?

Implementation Plan (1-2 page limit)
-Short-Term, Medium-Term, and Long-Term Tasks
–Identify the short term, medium term, and long terms actions required for your implementation plan
–Describe the biggest risks associated with your proposed solution and what step Yamoto should take to avoid or mitigate those risks

Paper formatting should be:
-4-6 pages (must remain within page limit)
-Double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1″ margins.

You do not need to turn in your Case Analysis Template.