Analysis about the Lover archetype

writing analysis:
The length of the assignment is about 1000 words.
Find examples of brands (Intimissimi) for the lover archetype.
Clear introduction and indication of the objects used for analysis.
Introduction and summary/summary of an analytical tool (Stephen Houraghan word file)
Clearly formulated argument states and establishes the author’s agreement with the definition or principle and applies the specific parts of your definition/principle.
Organisation shows the relationship among different parts of an argument, and leads to conclusion. Transitions are clear.
Analytical tool is applied systematically throughout the paper. The ideas are presented logically, concisely and accurately.
Claims are explained, supported and referenced to the text if applicable. Quotes are accurate and correctly documented
APA requirements are followed throughout the paper
(page formatting, title page,
abstract, key words,
correct references are provided)