Analysis about Room by Emma Donoghue

Directions: After reading poetry from Dickinson(Wild Nights Wild Nights, Tell all the Truth but tell it slant, Success is counted sweetest), Hayden(Those Winter Sundays), and Levine (What Work Is), you now have a knowledge of poets from different eras and walks of life. Make sure your response is properly MLA formatted and proofread before submitting it. Your response will be due Friday, May 1 by 11:59 pm.

4-5 pages, MLA formatted
Choose only 1 prompt for your response
Cite evidence from the poem or poems

1.Poetry is as much visual as it is spoken and heard. Observe the visual structure of all 4 poems. How does the visual representation of each poem lend itself to the tone and overall message?
2.Hayden and Levine’s poems are very personal. Compare and contrast how both poets achieved poems that speak to us directly and intimately.
3.Choose ONE poem to connect with. With this poem, discuss the lines, words, or phrases that spoke to you on a personal level. Why, specifically, these lines, words, or phrases? (Choose a minimum of 4 lines, words, or phrases)