Alcohol Use Disorder Among Hispanics

Students will choose one substance related disorder of their interest and write a research paper (about 7-10 pages).

(Part A) Choose one substance-related disorder of your interest (Alcohol Use Disorder).

Then, choose a specific population of your interest (Hispanics).

Determine your topic about the substance-related disorder and the population of your choice (Alcohol use disorder among Hispanics)

Find and read peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters written on the disorder of your choice. Internet sources or popular media sources are not allowed.

(Parts B – D) Discuss causes, prevalence, unique facts, challenges, and considerations of your selected population in relation to the substance-related disorder selected. Discuss potential influence of immediate (e.g., family, local community) & distal (e.g., society, culture) contexts to consider: 2-3 pages

Describe in detail the treatment approaches & success rates for the substance related disorder: 2-3 pages

Discuss how you might create a program/campaign to bring awareness of the substance use disorder in the specific population. In addition, suppose that you provide treatment for a patient of your population of choice in (A) and discuss how you might be able to provide an effective treatment: 3-4 pages