Agency Analysis/Management Reflections Paper

Social Work Paper for Leadership and Management Skills

The purpose of this assignment is to gain an understanding of leadership and management in human service organizations including their function, the role of administrators, financial aspects, and management. Because of Corvid-19, many students have been displaced and are no longer freely able to physically go to an agency. So, as with our current times, students are asked to study an agency remotely (websites, phone calls, email, video chat, news, social media, brochures, pamphlets, etc). Students are to write a 5-page paper, double-spaced, typed, with 1 inch margins, 12-pitch font, cover page and works cited describing a human service agency of their choosing. To write this paper, a face to face interview with an agency administrator or other key person who is a social worker is no longer required but a phone call or video chat may be helpful in gaining needed information. *Be mindful that many agencies are in crisis management right now*

Include in your paper the following:

agency name and reason you choose this agency;
date the agency was founded and history of the agency;
reason the agency was established and its purpose/mission;
type of agency (e.g., private or public non-profit, child welfare agency, substance abuse agency, long term care, shelter, public assistance, );
what services/programs are offered by this agency, who receives services (children, adults, race, class, types of problems) and identified service gaps;
source(s) of funding (federal, state, or local government; private foundations, in-kind contributions etc.);
cultural competence level, ability to meet the diverse needs of different populations, including ethnic, linguistic, religious, class and sexual orientation;
staffing pattern and social worker role;
how is this agency managed, who is the administrator, leadership approach, organizational chart, job description(s) of agency leaders
agency policies and procedures-sexual harassment, discrimination, how decisions are made;
How is this agency handling the Corvid-19 outbreak, what effective leadership skills have you witnessed, what ineffective skills have you witnessed;
based on information obtained, provide a critical analysis of the overall agency operation, especially regarding the agencys leadership and management; and
Connect your agency analysis/management reflections to what you have learned in this course.