Advice book about dating, relationships, marriage, sex, etc.

The first half of your paper is an overview of your book- give me the main details. Pretend that I have never read your book and discuss the most important points/elements.

In the last half of your paper- well this is YOUR analysis- this is the meat of your paper. Please tell me what assumptions are being made. Who is the book geared to? Who is the assumed audience? What about their sexual orientation? What sexual scripts are present. Does this challenge current ideas about appropriate gender roles/ relationships? Every book will be different. Your job is to really breakdown the assumptions about gender being made and discuss if anything is being challenged or not.

Do not forget to include at least ONE scholarly source. A scholarly source is a refereed or peer-reviewed by specialists before being accepted for publication. If you are looking for online sources use the asu library- there are many scholarly journals available. Also, if you go to google and in the search engine box type the word: scholar, this will take you to google scholar- here you can find many scholarly articles without having to worry!!

Don’t forget to include one scholarly source with your paper- it could be an article about dating, sexual scripts, socialization, why women read such advice books, etc.

For your book review paper you are to choose an advice book. This advice book should be about dating, relationships, marriage, sex, etc. The first two pages should give an overview of your book, main points/topics discussed/etc.; the last half of your paper should focus on addressing stereotypes associated with men and/or women, assumptions made about men and/or women and relationships; gender role expectations and/or sexual scripts. What assumptions about sexuality are made? Are there gendered expectations? What is the author assuming about its audience and their sexual orientation?

Here are some examples of book chosen by students in the past (please note these are just examples – you do not have to pick one of these books)

Hes Just Not That Into You
Be Honest, Youre Just Not That Into Him Either
The Rules
The Hook Up Handbook
The Bitch In the Bedroom
Dating For Dummies
Dyke Drama
Its Called a Breakup Because It Is Broken
The Perfect Marriage for Dummies