address two different scenarios and produce a complete statistical analysis for each one

This is an assignment on SPSS. there are 2 scenarios and there are tasks that you will have to complete using the SPSS. after you complete the tasks you will have to screenshot the findings from SPSS, put them on microsoft word and then write a report regarding the findings.
All answers should be presented in a clearly legible report, whether handwritten, or
word processed. All work must be uploaded on Turnitin
Submitted reports must have your name and student ID number on the first page
Font: Times new roman.
Font size: 12.
Single and a half (1.5) space.
Align text to both the left and right margins(justify).
Number the pages
Word limit is 1500 words (text body only, +/-10%); references are not included in word
Marks will be awarded for the content, clarity, style, focus, creativity, originality
Plagiarism and collusion; all sources must be referenced using the Harvard system,
direct quotation should be avoided, and the work should not be done in pairs or
This is an individual exercise.