A City Museum

Now that all of your important decisions have been made, it is time for you, as the chosen Director of the new city museum, to write and present your Final Museum Proposal to your City Officials.

The second thing that I want to remind you of is that the three milestone assignments all relate to the museum that you want to propose. This final project paper should be in essay format and it should tie together all of the milestone assignments, as well as additional information requested in the instructions, into a comprehensive proposal that could be submitted for approval for your new museum. The resources that you have identified throughout the quarter should be integrated into the essay format, using in text citations and a reference list at the end.

In this final proposal your decisions and the reasons for them should be made evident:

Why did you decide on the this particular focus for the city museum?
Why do you think that the permanent exhibit you have chosen will appeal to the citys diverse citizens as well as to foreign visitors?
What is your reasoning for deciding on this particular museum site? What documentation have you found that would support your decision? Do you anticipate any opposition to your site selection? How will you answer their concerns?
All of these questions should be answered in your Final Museum Proposal.

References- Should be pulled out of all three prior assignments and more can be incorporated as well.