A book review of Abigail Adams: A Revolutionary American Woman

the book review will consist of two main parts; a brief synopsis of the book and your historical analysis of a person(s), event(s), idea(s), etc. presented by the author. The paper should include at least 4 paragraphs. The introduction of you review should be one paragraph long. The last sentence of the introduction paragraph will be this thesis statement, Therefore, this review will include a synopsis and analysis of Abigail Adams: A Revolutionary American Woman by
giving examples of key events, people, and/or ideas presented by the author. The synopsis should be brief but should cover the entire book. The historical analysis should cover how the author presented key people, events, ideas, etc. and how they added to or took away from the overall impact of the book. The book review should then have a conclusion paragraph that includes a summary of the paper and tie up any loose ends. Grammar and spelling will also be scored. This includes following the proper lay out of the paper listed below. Lastly, this is a review of a book known as a monograph, NOT a novel.