2.The Grand Illusion (1937)

Choose one from:
2.The Grand Illusion (1937)
3. Metropolis (1927);
4. Battleship Potemkin (1925)
5. Triumph of the Will (1935);
6.Land and Freedom (1995);
7.The Story of Women (1988);
8. Days of Glory (2006).
12 pt. font, one inch margins, must full 3 full pages or more (don’t accept if you cant)
Your film response paper should provide a lengthy overview of the subject and plot of the film and then discuss what the film teaches you about the historical events or historical period in which it is set, or which it describes. So, for example, if you choose to write about the famous Nazi propaganda film, Triumph of the Will, you should tell me when and where it was filmed, and what the Nazis were trying to accomplish by making it. How does the film portray the Nazis and how does it attempt to convince people to support them? Or, if you choose to watch The Marriage of Maria Braun, which is set in post-WWII Germany, you should tell me how Marias life unfolds in the film; how the film portrays the historical conditions of post-war Germany; and how Maria symbolizes the development of Germany as whole during this time.