1. The Art of Football : The Early Game in the Golden Age of Illustration

_____45 pts. = Overall Argumentative/Persuasive Analysis (depth and breadth of critique/analysis/opinion, no use of logical fallacies, ability to sustain an opinionated argumentative/persuasive mode throughout all pages of the essay, choose ONE side to argue, shows fairness in point of view, does NOT use either 1st or 2nd person point of view, does not break into a narrative – story-like sequence, etc.) – 4 text/content pages require + 1 W.C. page = 5 pages TOTAL for the essay assignment

_____15 pts. = Grammar/Punctuation/Technical (This includes the heading, running header, title, margins, font size, spacing, etc.) Note: Each of these errors could count five (5) points.

_____15 pts. = Works Cited (8th edition MLA Style/Format, PowerPoint examples and lab/class handout copies, white board models/samples, and prior posted student models/samples via eCampus)-Page 5 of your document

_____20 pts. = Research Cited/Documented (Primary/Secondary Sources) (MLA Style, minimal AND maximum direct quotes required = 6 total (2 from the eBook, 2 from the eMagazine, and 2 from the eJournal), effective/strategic uses of research sources in the essay, how sources are cited/documented in the document, sources ALL obtained via the MVC Online eLibrary Databases, etc.)—Quotes over 4 lines in Word are NOT allowed!

_____5 pts. = Thesis statement or question (well-defined, persuasively, concretely and definitively stated)